2018 Year end and starting 2019. These instructions will guide you smoothly through the process.


You do not have to 'close off' 2018 payroll before starting 2019 Payroll. 2018 payments (and all data back to 2004) will still be retained in the 2019 version and you can still process 2018 pay in the 2019 version. Use the 'Year' drop down at the top left of the Payroll screen to swap between years. Payback is a multi-year payroll system.

Suggested year end process

 It is possible to process year end in a different order to below. We suggest the following:

  1. Upgrade Payback to the new version following these instructions: https://www.payback.ie/support/downloads/
  2. Process the last payment(s) for 2018.
  3. Run the final P30 for 2018.
  4. Produce and upload the P35 following these instructions: https://www.payback.ie/support/2018-year-end/submitting-your-p35/
  5. Produce P60s for your employees.
  6. Back up your database. https://www.payback.ie/support/quick-tutorials/backing-up-and-restoring-data/

Payback also have a 'Year End' screen that follows these steps. You can access this under Utility>Year End.

Submitting your P35

The deadline for submitting your P35 return is the 15th February.

 (We strongly advise checking this date with Revenue as they may decide to change the deadline, and then charge late filing penalties etc). As there is limited support available at the weekends, we would advise completing your P35 return as soon as possible. Here are some guidelines to help you in this process.

Fortnightly dates are incorrect for new year

When moving to the new year, the fortnightly dates start on the incorrect week. Why this happens and how to correct.

Fixing Errors and Making Changes

Mistakes can be easily rectified in Payback. In the past if a user made a mistake while processing payments using other payroll software, correcting would involve a laborious process of restoring old back ups, and possibly losing work.

Pensions not appearing on the P35LF

Pensions have been set up but they are not appearing on the P35LF. If an employee is set up as paying a pension, but the amount is not appearing on the P35LF, please make sure you have the correct pension type mapped to the deduction (RAC, RBS, or PRSA)

2019 release notes

PAYE Modernisation version