As part of PAYE Modernisation, Revenue are instructing employers to submit to them a list of employees. This is so they can 'align their data'. You can create this list using Payback by following these directions.

Creating the List

  1. Make sure that you are running the latest version of Payback. You can see your version number at the top of the screen (Underlined in the picture opposite) It should be at least 2018.06. If you are running an earlier version number (eg 2018.02 etc) please update by following these instructions:

  2. Go to the Reports screen and select 'ROS List of Employees' (Circled in the picture opposite)
  3. Click 'Create File' and upload the file to ROS like you would a P30 or any other ROS file.
List of Employees


Employee(s) not appearing on the list.

If an employee is not appearing on the list check that their start date is before today's date and that their leave date is blank, or after todays date. For example, if you are compiling your list on 11 Oct 2018, the leave date should be blank or after 11 Oct 2018. The start date should be blank or before 11 Oct 2018.

The leave and start dates can be entered in the employee screen in the Tax Tab. Click the P45 button to change the leave date.

Check that the employee's pps number is entered and correct in the employee screen in the Contact Tab.

Wrong Employee(s) appearing on the list.

Check that the leave date for the employee is before the current date.  For example, if you are compiling your list on 11 Oct 2018, the leave date should be blank or before 11 Oct 2018. 


Make sure that your Windows system clock is set to the correct date before creating this list.

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