Irish Desktop

Payback Irish payroll software was first released in 2004. Since then we have released UK, Cloud and Enterprise versions of our award winning software.

Thousands of employees across Ireland and the UK have their pay processed using a Payback Payroll product.


Access your payroll using a web browser regardless of your location or what device you are using. No need to worry about installing updates or lost data.

Cloudpay is powered by Microsoft Azure.

UK Desktop

HMRC Recognised UK Payroll software. This fully featured product will allow you to submit HMRC Real Time Information (RTI) returns. Tested against HMRC test data.

The UK version has the same easy to use user interface as our Irish version.


If you process payments for more than 1000 employees, or require bespoke development and integration work then we recommend Payback Enterprise.

Both Irish and UK versions are available. Based on Microsoft SQL Server, Payback Enterprise can be integrated with Accounts or HR software.