Changes, bug fixes and new features for each release of Payback are listed here.

2019 release notes

PAYE Modernisation version

2017 release notes

Employee Archive facility. If you do not want old employees appearing in the Employee screen, these can now be archived.

2016 release notes

Includes PRSI Credits and all other statutory changes for 2016. New for the 2016 version is a P35 wizard and two new reports.

2015 release notes

The extra USC band has been included in this version. Payback automatically adjusts USC bands for the new rates. New Archive Company facility now available, if your company screen is getting over-crowded

2014 release notes

This version has the PRSI budget changes and other statutory changes for 2014. This version also has SEPA support.

2013 release notes

The 2013 version of Payback has a new 'Quick Setup' facility that allows Illness benefit, Bike to Work, Pensions and other schemes to be easily input. This version also has a new 'Calculation' screen that shows detailed workings of pay.