Payback Version 2015.03
Bug Fixes
Amended and supplementary P35 - parking levy
ROS was rejecting supplementary P35s because of a missing parking levy element. The P35 had to be manually adjusted. This has now been fixed.

BIK does not have PRSI ticked as default
New Benefit In Kind did not have the PRSI column ticked as a default. This did not effect existing BIKs.

BIK 11% to 13.5% for preferential loans. 4.5% to 4% for qualifying home loans
Preferental Loan BIK calculator has been updated with new rates.

P2C import not updating all employees with the same PPSN
An Employee worked for a company, left, worked somewhere else and then returned, with the result that there are two employee records set up in the employee screen. The P2C file will only update the first employee record it finds with a matching PPS number.
The P2C file import now updates all employees listed with the same PPS numbers. (So if an employee has two records with the same PPS number in the employee screen, the P2C will update both)

ROS P45 old YTD USC figures not being added
If either the P45 year to date figures for USCable gross or USC paid
is zero, then these figures will not be added to these P45 fields:
This did not effect P45 totals so this problem does not effect employees' future employments.

Extra USC band on printed P45 report 2015 P45
Printed P45s had the third USC band missing. Did not effect ROS P45 import.

Pension type for P35 and Quick setup
Pensions set up using the Quick Set up were not automatically matched to a pension type for the ROS P35. This has now been fixed.

New Features
Check invalid characters on P35 data check
More characters have been included in the P35 Character check. ROS rejects data that contain characters with certain accents. This change means that your P35 will be less likely to be rejected.

Insurable weeks for P35 data check
If an employee's total insurable weeks for a year exceeds 56, then ROS will reject the P35. Insurable weeks have to be in the range 0 to 56 (56 insurable weeks can happen if employees paid every four weeks also have a week 53). The data check routine now checks for this so that the user can easily correct the data.

P35 Wizard
Users now have an option to run a utility to easily create a P35 by running through a sequence of steps. This will reduce problems with ROS rejecting P35s. The Wizard includes a breakdown report so that figures can be checked prior to uploading.

New P35 format for 2015
The first ROS version 12 P35 is now available. Note that revenue may make changes to this format, so it is best to use the 2016 version of Payback to make your 2015 return.

Annual Expenses report
A new report that details all expenses and non-taxable elements by employee, for the year. It is included in the reports screen for year end checking, although this report can be run at any time.

Annual Gross to Net by Employee Report
Similar to the Gross to Net report, this report is grouped by employee. A handy report if there is a query about a specific employee's payments for a year. This is also in the year end check section of the reports screen.