PMOD Quick Start Guide

This is for people who do not want to spend all afternoon reading about the intricacies of digital certificate encryption etc, and just need to run their Payroll and be compliant.

Front End Changes

We've had to make some relatively minor changes to the front end for PAYE Modernisation. 

Digital Certificates

Revenue uses Digital Certificates to ensure that data is securely transmitted to their servers and that only permitted users can submit information. Payback uses these files to communicate with ROS. These are instructions for setting up your digital certificates


Check everything is working okay for PMOD direct reporting. Find out if there are any problems.

TAIN (Agent) Digital Certificates

People who process payroll for others (Bookkeepers, Accountants, Bureax etc) and have TAIN digital certificates need to follow a slightly different way of uploading their Digital Certificates.

RPN Direct Reporting

Using direct reporting to update employee tax details.

RPN ROS Reporting

Payback also can communicate with Revenue via ROS reporting.

EmploymentID Explained

What is the new Employment ID field and when should you use it.

Payroll Submission

When you have successfully imported and updated your tax credits information (RPNs), the next step is to process the pay for your employees. Once that is complete and you are happy that everything is correct, it is time to make your submission to Revenue.

Starters and Leavers (P45)

How to handle employees who are starting and leaving employment.

Trouble shooting

Problems, errors and their solutions