We recommend that people use Direct reporting. However, if you need to use ROS reporting for technical or other reasons, you can also do this with Payback.

If you do not assign a digital certificate to a company then ROS reporting is used.

The new way to import P2C (Tax Credit) files is now using the Payback RPN (Revenue Payroll Notification) screen. Under ROS reporting, this is pretty similar to the way the old Tax Credits screen worked. The main difference is now you have to first create a ROS Request file to get your data.

ROS Reporting RPN Step 1

Click on the new Revenue section on the main menu at the left of the screen and click the Get RPN icon.

Select the company you wish to import the RPN for using the company drop down.

Note that if you do not have a digital certificate imported for the company, a red warning test appears next to the company - No Digital Cert. ROS Reporting. The Direct reporting buttons do not appear.

Click Create Request to save your ROS RPN request file.

ROS Reporting RPN Step 2

In your web browser, open and navigate to the section where you can upload RPN Request files.

Upload the file to ROS in the usual way.

An RPN response file is automatically downloaded for the user in their selected file format (XML) which details the outcome of the RPN request.

ROS Reporting RPN Step 3

Go back to Payback and click the Load Response button

Select the response XML file you downloaded from ROS in Step 2

ROS Reporting RPN Step 4

The two grids in the RPN screen will fill with data. Note that your employees have not yet been updated.

Similar to the old Tax Import screen, the top grid shows the data that you downloaded from ROS and the bottom grid displays your current employee information.

When you load your ROS RPN file, you will be presented with an option. You can ether immediately go ahead and click the Import button on the message screen. Your employees will be updated. Alternatively you can click the Check button. This will give you a chance to check the data is what you expect before Importing.

ROS Reporting RPN Step 5

Click the Import button to update your employees.

A list will appear detailing the results of the import. You have now updated your employees' tax details using ROS Reporting.


  • If you do not import a valid digital certificate for the company, Payback will use ROS Reporting.
  • You should ensure that you have entered a correct Employer Number in the Company screen before creating RPN request files or importing response files.
  • Your employees are not updated until you click the Import button.
  • You will not be able to undo an import.
  • Instead of creating a request file from Payback (Step 1), you can also do this from within ROS.
  • Revenue direction is to update RPNs before each pay run.

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