2023 Year end and starting 2024. These instructions will guide you smoothly through the process.


You do not have to 'close off' 2023 payroll before starting 2024 Payroll. 2023 payments (and all data back to 2004) will still be retained in the 2024 version and you can still process 2023 pay in the 2024 version. Use the 'Year' drop down at the top left of the Payroll screen to swap between years. Payback is a multi-year payroll system.

  • You should not change Employment IDs in Payback. These roll forward into the next year
  • You no longer have to produce a P35
  • You no longer have to Produce P60s for your employees.

Employment Detail Summary will replace the Form P60. If Employees would like their Employment Detail Summary posted to them, they should contact Revenue. The phone number is 01 738 3612. This form can be used in the same way as a P60 eg. income verification for financial institutions, HSE or County Councils.

Suggested year end process

 It is possible to process year end in a different order to below. We suggest the following:

  1. Upgrade Payback to the new version following these instructions: https://www.payback.ie/support/downloads/
  2. Process the last payment(s) for 2023 and submit to Revenue using the Submission screen
  3. Run the new PMOD Reconcile report in the reports screen. Note that you do not have to print this, but you can save it as a PDF, like all Payback reports. This report is under the heading 'To Check Year End Figures' at the right of the screen.
  4. In the Payback Revenue>Submit screen there is a new Reconcile tab. Select this.
  5. On the very last row where it says 'Grand Totals For 2023', click the 'Retrieve' button. All the figures for each month and each quarter of the year will be returned from the Revenue Server. These are what you have submitted
  6. Check that the Revenue figures match your PMOD Reconcile report.
  7. If the figures do not match, fix them following these instructions: https://www.payback.ie/support/2022-year-end/fixing-errors-and-making-changes/
  8. Back up your database. https://www.payback.ie/support/quick-tutorials/backing-up-and-restoring-data/
  9. Move onto 2024 by selecting 2024 in the drop down at the top left of the Payroll screen.

Fortnightly dates are incorrect for new year

When moving to the new year, the fortnightly dates start on the incorrect week. Why this happens and how to correct.

Fixing Errors and Making Changes

Mistakes can be easily rectified in Payback. In the past if a user made a mistake while processing payments using other payroll software, correcting would involve a laborious process of restoring old back ups, and possibly losing work.