2018/19 Year end and starting 2019/20. These instructions will guide you smoothly through the process.


You do not have to 'close off' 2018/19 payroll before starting 2019/20 Payroll. 2018/19 payments  will still be retained in the 2019/20 version and you can still process 2018/19 pay in the 2019/20 version. Use the 'Year' drop down at the top left of the Payroll screen to swap between years. Payback is a multi-year payroll system.

Suggested year end process

 It is possible to process year end in a different order to below. We suggest the following:

  1. Upgrade Payback to the new version following these instructions: http://www.paybackgppayroll.co.uk/Support/Downloads/Index
  2. Process the last payment(s) for 2018/19.
  3. Submit the final FPS for 2018/19. Remember to tick 'Final Submission ' at the bottom left and also tick 'Final Submission of the Year'.
  4. Produce P60s for your employees.
  5. Back up your database. 
  6. Uplift the tax codes for 2019/20 using the Company screen> Start of Year facility.

You are now ready to continue processing payments for 2019/20