After more than a year, this is the final phase of TWSS.

Revenue have instructed that all employers who availed of TWSS should complete this phase by reviewing their subsidy data, make any corrections and accept the reconciliation balance.

The deadline for completing this is 30 June 2021.

After that date, Revenue will take it that you agree with the balance.


Payback now has a facility that will allow you to review your reconciliation data and make any necessary changes. You can also submit any missing data.

Retrieving your subsidy data

To retrieve your subsidy data and balance, log into 

You will see a link that says TWSS Reconciliation, under Employer Services > Additional Services.

Click this to see your reconciliation summary data.


If you are happy with the figures, click the Accept Reconciliation button. The Final phase is now finished for you.


If you do not believe the figures are correct, you can make changes by click the Download Reconciliation detail CSV. You will need this file to make changes. 

Viewing your TWSS data

When you have downloaded the file from ROS, you can view it in Payback and make changes to it.

There is a new screen in Payback to do this. Click the Revenue menu option from the menu at the left of the screen, and then TWSS Rec.

Load the data file you downloaded from ROS, by clicking the Load File button at the top of the screen.


Making changes

Each row in the grid represents a submitted TWSS (J9) payslip. An employee may have many payslips depending on how many payments were processed.

There might also be rows listed where the payment was deleted. This means a for a single pay date, an employee may have more than one row.

You can change the subsidy paid amount for each row by clicking on the row. When you click the row, the fields fill at the bottom of the screen.

Type the new Subsidy paid value in the yellow New Subsidy Paid box at the bottom of the screen, and then click the Update button. You should see the grid update to reflect the new value.

To change you mind, select the row and delete the contents of the new subsidy paid box. Then click Update and the value in the grid will revert to being blank.

Checking the figures

To help you determine what you should change the Subsidy Paid amount to, we have included a Details tab.

Based on the pay date, this tab will determine if the payment dell under either the Transitional Phase or the Operational Phase of the scheme.

The Gross pay and Subsidy amount are also displayed. These figures are taken from the current values on the payslips from the selected payment date.

If your data does not appear - Mapping Elements

If the Subsidy amount is blank even though you paid a subsidy, this can happen if the Covid Subsidy elements were not set up with the correct element type of Covid-19.
You can check this by going to the Payroll screen and selecting one of the pay dates. Select an employee who had a subsidy and click the More>> button at the top right of the elements grid.
(see where the 'Type' column is here: Click here

It should say 'Covid-19' and not 'Normal' for the element type.

If the subsidy elements say 'Normal', you can map them to 'Covid-19' using the Map facility. Click the Map Elements button.

  1. For each Subsidy element only, select the type 'Covid-19' using the dropdown next to the element
  2. Click the Save button when you've finished

Only map the subsidy elements ('Covid19 Temp Wage Subsidy' or 'GovC19 WageSub' or whatever description you used). Do not map the 'Additional taxable' or top up elements.

When you have done this, try loading the CSV file again.

Saving your new correction file

When you have finished making amendments, you can save the new corrections file by clicking on the Corrections File tab.

Make sure that the values listed are correct. Only items with a Yellow New Subsidy amount will be included in the file.

When you are happy everything is okay, save the CSV file by clicking the Save button.


This new file can then be uploaded to in the same TWSS section that you downloaded the Reconciliation Detail file from. Click the Upload Subsidy Paid button in ROS to upload your new file.

Note that you can keep making changes by downloading new reconciliation files from ROS and then uploading Subsidy paid files.

When you are happy with the results, Accept the reconciliation in ROS.

How to correct the following scenarios.

A J9 Payslip submitted where there was no subsidy element. A subsidy was received from Revenue.

  1. Create a corrections CSV with the subsidy amount entered.
  2. Go to ROS and reduce the gross pay for the payslip by the subsidy amount.

(Revenue have advised that this correction should be made via ROS, due to the complexity of making such a submission via payroll software)


PRSI Class was incorrect for a Subsidy submission

Inform Revenue that a PRSI class error has happened via the employer helpline or MyAccount. Revenue will inform DSP, so that the employee will benefit from the correct PRSI class.

Do not correct the PRSI class either through Payback or ROS yourself.



Important notes

  • Do not open the CSV file you have downloaded from ROS in any other application before opening it in Payback. Doing this can corrupt the file.
  • The Refunds received from Revenue would also have included any tax or USC refunds. Please consider this when reconciling.
  • In the transitional phase, Revenue always refunded €410/Week for each submission. This was regardless of the actual eligible amount.  There are likely to be amounts owing for the transitional phase because of this.
  • When you Agree with the reconciliation in ROS, you do not immediately have to make a payment to Revenue for any amounts owing.
  • The deadline is 30 June 2021. 


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