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Product Description Companies Employees Annual Licence
Brightpay Standard 1 10 €159
Brightpay Standard 1 25 €239
Brightpay Standard 1 Unlimited €319
Brightpay Bureau 10 Unlimited €339
Brightpay Bureau 25 Unlilmited €499
Brightpay Bureau Unlimited Unlimited €659
Payback Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited €140


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  • Price Checked on 7 January 2020
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  • A Payback annual licence always lasts a full year, expiring 12 months after the purchase date. You always get a full year with Payback
  • We do not charge extra for unlimited companies, employees, users or network licences with Payback.
  • Your Payback Licence also includes online timesheets, online payslips and option to move to CloudPay
  • We also offer two and three multi-year licences where you can save even more money!